Work with us develop your strategy to support local.

Hotels & Gift Shops

Work with Streetlet to identify, curate, and source the best local products, unique to each location.
•  Business Sourcing
•  RFPs & Contracts
•  Curation
•  Co-Retail Strategy
•  Merchandising
•  Ongoing Support
photo of streetlet retail pop up with art on the wall that says "all is possible"
photo of woman in streetlet t-shirt packing an order with flowers

Corporate Gifting

Streetlet works within your timeline and budget to create unforgettable gifts, sourced from your business' or clients' neighborhoods.
•  Business Sourcing
•  Product Curation
•  Order Aggregation
•  Scheduling
•  Order Fulfillment
•  Shipping

Retail & Delivery

Work with us to develop a strategy to source local vendors for your retail and/or delivery business.
•  Business Sourcing
•  RFPs & Contracts
•  Curation
•  Co-Retail Strategy
•  Delivery Partners
•  Ongoing Support
photo of man shopping leather goods at streetlet pop up
photo of woman in streetlet t-shirt and a mask working an outdoor pop up

Government & BIDs

Collaborate with us to produce events, develop retail space, and more to support the local economy.
•  Pop-Up Shops
•  Online Pop-Ups
•  Small Business Perks
•  Markets
•  Curation
•  Retail Space

Read about some of our recent partnerships:

Bringing Free, Family-Friendly Activities to “The Park for Everyone”

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1819 Pico Community Retail Space

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