Hello, thanks for stopping by! We work with the following types of small businesses:


Get matched with the best opportunities to tell your story and grow your audience in your own neighborhood.
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Makers & Home-Based

Spend more time on your craft and get matched with the right opportunities for your scale.
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Brick & Mortar

Grow your local footprint by making the right partner, vendor, and local customer connections in your area.

In these categories:

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Gifts, Books, & Stationery
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Home Goods & Art
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Accessories & Jewelry
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Children's Clothes & Toys
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Beauty & Self-Care
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Packaged Foods
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Home & Pet Essentials
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And More!

Here’s a quick run-down on how it works:

Step 1. Fill out applications on a per-event basis. Stay tuned on our homepage and Instagram for the latest.
Step 2. Streetlet reviews your application, and if it looks like a fit, we will reach out to set up an interview.
Step 3. If selected, you're in! Details vary on a per project basis.
Step 4. You join our community of small businesses who have participated in new, vetted opportunities, spanning corporate gifting, retail slots at major markets, brick+mortar stores looking to wholesale, larger brands looking for collaborations, networking opportunities, deals on small business tools, and more.
Our promise: Every small business is vetted, every opportunity is legit.

For real though: No scams, no get-rich-quick schemes, no toxic products or toxic opportunities, and no giant overseas businesses masquerading as small local businesses.

Opportunities await!

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